LearningWave is an initiative of Jan Nieuweboer and several other members of NetOO; A community of independent Educational Specialists from the Netherlands. Many of us are working in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. As individual professionals we know quite a lot, but our shared knowledge and experience is far greater. Tapping into this reservoir was the reason to start this initiative.

In preparing our first meeting, we quickly realised that we wanted to welcome more people in our community. We also needed a platform to share our ideas and news. You are looking at it.

Our perspective:

Learning and personal development is taking place any time, any place. Technology is an enabler for the formal and informal processes, or is it?

Please note the questionmark at the end of this statement. It explicitly implies that we are not saying that all technology and innovation can be an enabler. The central point here is learning, the question is which technologies can support this in which way.

If you would like to share your ideas on Technology Enhanced Learning, you are welcome to join.

Please note that many of our contributers are Dutch. We do allow English and Dutch as languages for our posts.

ps. if you wonder where we got our name… we avidly use Google Wave as a platform for co-creation. Invites can be obtained by contacting our authors.

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