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Is learning by using social media always informal learning?

March 17, 2010 1 comment

One of the topics that constantly passed in our discussions during the learningwave was the difference between formal and informal learning.  Is social learning always informal learning or is learning in a classroom always formal learning? Is it obviously that in a Community of Practice the learning is informal learning? Many examples passed our minds and it became clear that there are different definitions possible for formal and informal learning. But presuming that informal learning does not have a predefined result of what has to be learned is learning by using social media always informal learning? I don’t think so. For example twitter. I heard many of my collegaes telling that they have a twitteraccount to follow some specific people to gather information on a easy way. The information is coming to them instead of that they have to search on the internet for hours to find such information. So they have a predefined goal in mind why they use twitter.


Learningwave event is taking place

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

We are in the learningwave at the moment. Gathering information, sharing knowledge, all in a social network.

We’ve had very interesting conversations yesterdayevening with Wilfred Rubens and Stephen Downes. Gave us stuff to think about. Which made us mindmapping during the night to make sense en give relation to all the thoughts that are overwhelming us. The energy is flowing en we’re going on today.

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