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School adoption strategy for Digital Media

In a recent article Ewan McIntosh described how they got edubuzz to such a success in the UK. He describes an adoption strategy for social media in learning from a change management perspective. He shares some valuable insights that are hardly new, but often overlooked. The most important one; leaders in education should take initiative and leadership in actually using social media. In his view it is not enough to have a bottom up approach.

If I see another conference entitled “21st Century Learning”, I might weep

His 7 advices (somewhat adapted to make sense in an abbreviated format):

  1. Find your vision (an actionable one that sets you apart from other learning institutions)
  2. Avoid the pilot project (just do it!)
  3. Find your tribe (locally)
  4. Give something for nothing (and allow time to make it grow)
  5. Create a community of practice (and provide adequate support)
  6. Take local partnerships online
  7. Top down support is vital (and lead by reminding)

McIntosh’s view ties in very well with our observation that the implementation of social media still hinges on individual enthousiasts. Institution-wide adoption is scarce. It will remain so, unless leaders in education rethink their vision and strategies and lead by example.